About us


Bluewheels Ebike Rental Bali is a new company and the market leader in electric vehicle rental in Bali. We offer the best and safest equipment for your comfort and safety. Our high-quality ebikes can be rented for anywhere you stay and our delivery service will bring them to where you want.

Our ebikes will give you the freedom of going anywhere you like without having to laboriously cycle in the tropical temperatures of Bali and without getting stuck in stop-and-go traffic

Our well maintained ebikes are easy to use and when you rent one we will provide you with a map and plenty of insider tips to make it easier for you to discover the area. You can cycle up to 50 kilometers with a fully charged battery so the ebikes are perfect to bring you around without having to take a taxi or rent a car and driver for moving around the local area.

For your peace of mind, we offer insurance for the ebike. A holiday should be without any stress!