From when to when does the daily rent go?

The rent starts from 10.00 am and continues till 8.00 am. Ebikes must be returned on time. We understand sometimes things get delayed, and people lose track of time, so we allow a 30 minutelate return grace period from your established return time.  Delays beyond the grace period will be charged at 150,000 per hour to the nearest hour. 

Do I have to wear a helmet in Bali?

No, you do not have to wear a helmet on a bicycle or an ebike in Indonesia, it is therefore also not included. It is however recommended to wear one and they are available for rent in case you feel more comfortable wearing one.

Do your ebikes have child seats?

Yes we have rear mounted seats that are suitable for larger children and also baby seats that are situated behind the ebike rider available for rent.

What does pedal assist mean?

Pedal assist is a mode that provides power only when you are pedaling. As you pedal, the bike moves easier than a normal bike giving you a slight boost in speed. As you slow your pedaling, the pedal assist also slows. It does not jolt you or stop suddenly. Pedal assist makes your ride simple and easy, also allowing you to go further than you normally could go with a regular bike and with much less effort. 

What is the range of one of our fully charged ebikes?

About 50 km, sometimes more depending on the riders weight, terrain, wind conditions and riding style. Using the hand throttle will drain the battery faster.

How fast can the ebike go?

Up to 30 km/h

What do I do when I run of battery power?

We provide you with a battery charger so you can recharge your battery while you have lunch for example.

Do we have to lock our ebike in Bali?

Yes, like everywhere else it is necessary to lock your ebike. Each ebike has its own lock with a key.  You must lock your ebike frame to fixed structures, such as the floor mounted bike racks or lamp post

When you lose your key aa fee of 200,000 IDR will be charged for the replacement. When you have taken our insurance package no fee will be charged.

Can I go off road with my ebike?

Your Bluewheels ebike is a city ebike and is designed for comfortable and safe riding on paved roads only.

Can I ride my ebike on the beach?

You can ride your ebike on the beach where there are cycling paths available. Under no circumstances is it allowed to the ebike in the sand.

Do I need a driving license to ride an ebike in Indonesia?

No, you can hire an ebike from Bluewheels Ebike Rental Bali without any license.