What to do and where to go when I rent ebike in Ubud

Ubud is often called the cultural capital of Bali. It looks indeed a lot more authentic with many traditional buildings such as the centrally located palace, temples etcetera but also Ubud is not escaping the modernization Bali is experiencing with a beautiful nicely developed monkey forest for you to visit and a brand new market place under construction. All far enough from each other so renting an ebike is almost a must.

Ubud however, has retained its laid-back, romantic, spiritual atmosphere and remains a favorite amongst Bali visitors. A lot to see around Ubud, even if only for 1 day and most definitely a place where an ebike comes in super handy. It’s not just the bad sidewalks, crippling heat, oversupply of sellers alongside these sidewalks that make cycling with an ebike around Ubud more comfortable than walking. Ubud is a very hilly area which makes walking very strenuous and there are so many interesting, quirky little places to eat and drink spread out over a very wide area, that makes renting an ebike absolutely perfect!

Many people stay for a few nights in hotels in the Ubud area which is fantastic as many of them are surrounded by rice fields and jungle, the beautiful part of Bali. They are however often just too far from the city center to go for lunch or dinner on foot. Many hotels offer a shuttle service,usually with a limited schedule throughout the day till early evening. An ebike gives you the freedom to go when and where you want whatever time of the day! No limitations on your valuable holiday time!


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