What to do and where to go when I rent ebike in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is an artificial hotel village. It is designed as a park with beautiful luxury hotels in it and apart from that nothing. Well, that is what many people think, it is however (luckily) more than that!

Nusa Dua indeed is like a nicely designed park, beautiful trees, plants & flowers everywhere, a golf course running through it and great roads, ideal for cycling with an ebike. Nusa Dua is rather large so indeed, an electrical bike with pedal assisted power comes in handy. Very central there is an open-air shopping center with a selection of restaurants and shops.

Alongside the beach there is a nice walking/cycling path that looks as if it was built for ebikes to cycle on. It is about 4 km long with obviously many hotels alongside it and also several independent restaurants and little local massage places. There are also 2 peninsulas’ that are worth exploring and to maybe even have a picnic.

What many people never get to see is the nearby village, just outside of the protected Nusa Dua hotel area. Many, more simple shops, small super markets and very economically priced restaurants. It may be worth checking out as an option in case you were looking for one.


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