What’s an ebike and why rent one in Bali

An electric bike or ebike is like a regular bicycle but with electric power that provides extra momentum based on the power you put in. There are 4 main parts: the bicycle, the engine, the battery and the controller. So an ebike allows to do some exercise without it being too demanding.

Ebikes allow you to travel longer distances with less effort and make climbs easier, this is particularly welcome when cycling in a tropical climate like we have in Bali and when you are not used to cycling on a daily basis. Re-charging the battery is done with a simple recharger, similar to what you have for your mobile phone.

When comparing an ebike with a motorbike there is a very big difference because a motorbike has a completely different dynamic. It can go a lot faster for a start, it weighs a lot more so keeping the balance is not as easy as on an ebike and many people are used to riding a bicycle but not a motorbike. All these reasons make going around on an ebike a lot safer and comfortable than on a motorbike.

Renting an ebike when on holiday gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. Once you decide you wanna go somewhere you just take your ebike and go, that’s it, you do not have to organize anything. You don’t have to pre-order a taxi, a private driver or are limited by the schedule of the shuttle service of the hotel. Also it saves you money by not having to take a taxi to not so faraway places or having a driver on standby at your villa.

So yes, renting an ebike has a lot of advantages and will help improve the quality of your well-deserved holiday in Bali!

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